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Welcome to Andalusia

Welcome to Andalusia, a region where history is etched into the walls of its cave houses. As you soak in the enchanting beauty of these dwellings carved into the rock, allow me to transport you through the ages, to a time when desert sands and winds of change sculpted the cultural landscape of this land.

From the 7th to the 15th century, Andalusia witnessed a captivating chapter of history marked by the arrival of Berbers and Arabs. The invasion of these nomadic peoples did much more than simply alter geographical borders; it deeply ingrained cultural and architectural influences that persist to this day.

Imagine yourselves in the early days of this tumultuous period, when skillful and intrepid Berber riders crossed mountains and rivers to settle in this sun-blessed region. Their rich and diverse traditions began to merge with those of the indigenous people, creating a cultural mosaic of unparalleled splendor. Andalusia became a meeting point for thoughts, beliefs, and arts.

The cave houses you are discovering today with wonder were originally ingenious and discreet shelters used by these people to protect themselves from the elements and conflicts. Tried-and-true construction methods were passed down through generations, and each dwelling carried the essence of the eras that bore witness to its birth.

The Arab-Andalusian architecture, characterized by ornate arches, colorful ceramic tiles, and lush gardens, left an indelible mark on urban and rural landscapes. These visual elements speak of a time when harmony between man and nature was celebrated fervently.

By exploring our cave houses, you discover more than just accommodation. You experience the complex heritage of an era when cultural exchange was as natural as the flow of the Mediterranean. Every corner, every notch in the rock, tells a story that still resonates in our times.

We invite you to immerse yourselves in this historical saga by living in these uniquely crafted cave houses. Whether you're captivated by history, culture, or simply the timeless beauty of this region, you're welcome to be part of the continuity that binds the past to the present.

Welcome to a journey through the centuries, welcome to Andalusia.

Cuevas Al Andalus in Orce - The Ultimate Troglodyte Experience

Orce - Surrounding landscape near the "torre del salar"

Discover a hidden treasure in the heart of Orce, where authenticity and luxury converge in our exclusive troglodyte homes "Cuevas Al Andalus." Imbued with history and charm, our accommodations transport you to a world of beauty and comfort nestled in ancient rock. Allow me to guide you through a captivating glimpse of what awaits you.

Troglodyte Luxury: In our unique accommodations, you will experience a fusion of modern comfort harmoniously blending with troglodyte authenticity. Spacious and elegantly furnished rooms offer an intimate retreat, while modern amenities ensure your comfort.

Connection with History: Each stone of our troglodyte homes breathes the history of this land. You will have the opportunity to sleep where generations have lived, in accommodations that preserve the essence of the past while offering modern hospitality.

Personalized Experience: At "Cuevas Al Andalus," we understand that every traveler is unique. That's why we provide a personalized experience tailored to your needs and preferences. From bespoke services to local recommendations, we are here to make your stay memorable.

Local Exploration: Nestled in Orce, our troglodyte homes are the perfect starting point to explore this region rich in history and discoveries. From archaeological sites to natural landscapes, you will discover an authentic Andalusia off the beaten path.

Gourmet Cuisine: Indulge in an exceptional culinary experience by discovering the flavors of Andalusia. Our accommodations offer you the opportunity to prepare your own meals in a modern kitchen or savor local dishes in nearby restaurants.

Privacy and Serenity: Far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, "Cuevas Al Andalus" provides a haven of peace where you can relax in privacy. Enjoy the tranquility of your own terrace or patio, immersed in the enchanting atmosphere of Andalusia.

Book now for a unique experience with "Cuevas Al Andalus": Your journey through Andalusia will be marked by unforgettable moments and a deep immersion in troglodyte charm. Join us for an experience that goes beyond traditional accommodation, allowing you to live the history of Andalusia in an extraordinary way.


Orce - Church and castle

Orce: Discover the Historical and Natural Essence of Andalusia

Located in the province of Granada, in Andalusia, Orce is a village steeped in history, charm, and natural beauty. Its rich archaeological heritage and authentic Andalusian atmosphere attract travelers in search of unique experiences. Here is an overview of what you can discover in Orce:

Ancient History: Orce is recognized as one of the most significant prehistoric sites in Europe. Archaeological excavations have revealed human and animal remains dating back over a million years, making the region a true "cradle of humanity." This archaeological wealth allows us to travel back in time and understand the evolution of human life in this part of the world.

Archaeological Sites: The Orce region is home to various archaeological sites that bear witness to human occupation throughout the ages. Discoveries range from prehistoric remnants to Roman and medieval artifacts. Each site tells a unique story of the civilization's evolution in the region.

Natural Landscapes: Orce is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes. Majestic mountains, green fields, and picturesque valleys create an idyllic setting for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers.

Andalusian Culture: The village exudes authentic Andalusian charm with its cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and lively squares. Local culture is reflected in the cuisine, music, and festivals that punctuate the year.

Local Gastronomy: Andalusian cuisine is a true sensory feast. Orce offers traditional dishes that highlight fresh local ingredients, such as olives, almonds, and seafood.

Warm Hospitality: The residents of Orce are known for their friendliness and warm welcome to visitors. You can immerse yourself in the village's daily life by exploring local markets, participating in festive events, and discovering local traditions.

In summary, Orce offers a comprehensive experience blending history, nature, culture, and Andalusian hospitality. Whether you're an archaeology enthusiast, a food lover, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking authenticity, this Andalusian village is ready to welcome you for a memorable experience.

Our history

Nestled in a picturesque corner of Andalusia, a uniquely charming troglodyte house has stood for generations. This abode, steeped in history and memories, has witnessed unforgettable moments for our family, hailing from Andalusia. Each year, as the holidays drew near, a special excitement would take hold of our childhood hearts. Memories of our youth etched into our minds are closely intertwined with this house and everything around it.

Sunny days transformed into adventures with the "amigos del pueblo" - the friends from the village - who were much more than mere companions; they were an extension of our family. Narrow alleys turned into playgrounds where "escondite" - hide and seek - and "bote-botella" - a game involving a bottle - became our favorite activities. Village festivities added splashes of color and music to the atmosphere, creating moments of joy and celebration.

Among our most cherished memories, bike rides through the Andalusian landscapes, with endless olive groves and mountains as a backdrop, held a special place. Excursions to Granada were a must to admire the grandeur of the Alhambra, a palace and fortress steeped in history and beauty. Moments by the sea and getaways to Guadix to explore its cathedral and wander through its market are treasures we hold within.

These magical moments and iconic places left a deep imprint on us. An imprint so present that it influenced our life choices. Naturally, when the time came to make decisions about our future, it was evident for us to choose to settle in this enchanting part of Spain.

Fueled by a fervent desire to share our love for this unique region, we made the decision to offer a memorable experience to those yearning to discover the warmth of southern Spain. Every effort is devoted to creating an experience that reflects the authenticity of our past and the beauty of our homeland.

Thus, in this sunny corner of Andalusia, Sandrina and Enrique now welcome travelers seeking adventure and discovery. The doors of our home are wide open, ready to share the treasures of our youth and offer a deep dive into the culture and traditions of this historic region. Our offering, for which we strive to be memorable, extends beyond providing a roof and a bed; it invites travelers to feel the magic of this place, to connect with the memories and emotions that have shaped our history.


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