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It was during the Arab conquests on southern Spain from the 8th to the 15th century that the "Al-Andalus" empire left its mark on Iberian lands. The invasion began in the south of Spain and then spread over the entire territory until reaching Poitier in France. It was there that it was stopped by the alliance Charles Martel, Duke of Franks and Eudes, Duke of Aquitaine and Vasconia in 732. This colonization of Spanish territory which spanned the 7th century inevitably left a cultural heritage. By forever marking the traditions, the architecture, in particular in the south, in Andalusia, where the Moors resided for several centuries.

It was therefore at this time that they set about "building" houses using a technique already mastered, just like on their land of origin. A rudimentary habitat construction process that involved digging into a soft sedimentary layer nested between 2 harder geological layers. In this way, the robustness of the house was naturally ensured. In addition, benefiting from thermal and acoustic insulation which has made their reputation. A quality of life, comfort, calm, which we find today in our troglodyte houses.

Located very close to rich archaeological sites of international reputation ("El hombre de Orce"). The bicycle excursions, the excursions will allow you to discover the vestiges of this time jostled by the Berber and Arab invasions. Go and discover the "Torre del Salar", "Torre de la Umbria". Enjoy atypical swimming in the company of fish at "Fuencaliente". Go relax in the many thermal baths in "Zujar", "Alicun de la Torre" .... Visit the Arab garden of the Alhambra "in Granada, explore the Cathedral of Guadix and make a detour to bathe in the sea warm Andalusia. Enjoy the frenzied parties that punctuate the hot summer days and evenings. Be curious and discover the many winter festivals including THE not-to-be-missed party "San Anton and San Sebastian" in Orce "marathon d 'a week', little known to tourists ...

Our cave houses "Cuevas Al Andalus" have been renovated to ensure you the best comfort. Thus they have this singularity of a house dug into the mountain while having the modern equipment that one would expect to find in traditional accommodation.

We offer 3 different accommodations, for 3 different atmospheres:

Alegria - VTAR / GR / 02128

“Contemporary style. The Alegria will immerse you in an atmosphere turned towards the sea.” Squeeze firm sailors, we serve our elbows, we pump our torso and move forward! ”Relax and let yourself be guided beyond the Andalusian lands. .. "
Reference to Flamenco - Alegria means 'Joy', Joy. It is indeed a festive song. He is characterized by his dynamism, his casualness and his grace.

Solea - VTAR / GR / 02129

"La Solea will make you discover an environment laid out as before ... Discover the time of Grandmother's recipes. However, with more contemporary amenities."
Reference to Flamenco - Palo which comes from the word "Soledad" which means solitude. It is the basic song of Grand Flamenco.

Grainaina - VTAR / GR / 02130

"Cocooning atmosphere for La Granaina. You will be able to plan your outings in peace, in a timeless environment. The use of old materials restored and reused in beautiful volumes is certainly there for something ..."
Reference to Flamenco - Close to Arabic songs by the repetition and modulation of the first stanzas.


Orce - Surrounding landscape near the "torre del salar"

One of the characteristic features of Andalusia is the great variety of landscapes that make up its territory, due to its geographical position, alternating between mountain systems, plains and coasts on two different seas. We thus find the vast plain of Guadalquivir, the summits of the Sierra Nevada, the desert of Tabernas (the only arid desert in Europe) or the mountains of the region of Grazalema, which constitute the rainiest region of Spain. In a few tens of kilometers, we pass from the fine sandy beaches of Marbella to the peaks of the Betic Cordilleras, from the semi-desert Cabo de Gata to the holm oak forests of the Sierra de Aracena or the marshes of Guadalquivir (la Marisma), or even the cereal plains of the Campiña with the undulating hills of Jaén planted with endless olive trees.

About Orce

Orce - Church and castle

Orce is one of the 6 villages that make up the canton of Huescar. (Huescar, Castillejar, Castril, Galera, Orce, Puebla de Don Fabrique). Qualified as the "cradle of humanity" by recent archaeological discoveries, it is a village rich in festivals and traditions. An environment marked by its contrasts, large arid plains, green valleys, numerous sources of fresh water judiciously exploited. A wealth which also comes from the savoir-vivre of its inhabitants. A village where one takes pleasure in strolling in the morning, in the evening, to let the children walk. Its "Fuencaliente" swimming pool will allow you to cool off in the company of many fish that decorate it. Its brand new museum "primeros pobladores de Europa", its palace "Palacio de los seguros", its castle "Alcazaba de las 7 torres", its excursions "Torre de la humbria", "Torre del salar", its interpretation center "Virgen de la cabeza". So many places to visit or activities to practice.

Our history

Of Andalusian origin, we have always known this atypical habitat. From our earliest childhood, we looked forward to the holidays to see the family again, to play with los "amigos del pueblo" and to enjoy every moment. The village festivals, bike rides, the "escondite" or "bote-botella" game, excursions to Granada to see the Alhambra, the sea, or even to Guadix to visit its cathedral, its market . So many places and memories that have marked our youth. And it is naturally that we made the choice to settle in this part of Spain. We want to offer you a memorable service, and we work so that you can also experience the well-being that has made the reputation of southern Spain.


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